Hello, my fellow songbirds! My name is Annie, and I am a teacher, mentor, and guide for those wishing to feel the freedom through using their own voice, open and connect to the unique and raw power of their self expression, and find permission to feel the body's capacities for pleasure and joy. - Your heart is gem - and your voice, once given permission, can allow you to see just how much beauty you hold.

I am honored to be a part of your journey in reclaiming the power that your voice, your body, and your presence holds!


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 My journey with the voice

Since I was a little girl, I have always sung, but it was not until recently that I discovered my own voice’s potential to heal myself - and that EVERY human voice is an instrument for liberation once it has been given the permission.

Losing the authentic voice.

For many years I held a view of perfectionism around my voice. I was often told that I am a “good singer,” and one might think that built up my confidence, but it actually tightened my free-flowing expression and authentic joy with singing.

I, like many others who have been called “singers,” forgot how to use my voice in an authentic way - one that really allowed me to be myself. It became a voice of pleasing others - both singing and simply communicating my thoughts, desires, and dreams.

Reclaiming My Voice

It took me a lot of “unlearning,” time in nature, and honest self reflection to remember who I am - and find my authentic voice that was patiently waiting for me to come home. And singing, from my heart and for my heart, helped me do just that - singing helped me come home to my heart, to my power, to my body, and to my deepest knowing of who I am. Singing, for my heart first, helped me reclaim my playfulness, my connection to nature, it was and continues to be my clearest and quickest access point to trust and to knowing my true self beyond the stories of limitation and doubt. Singing Is My Medicine. I would be delighted to guide you into experiencing how it can become yours.

It is my honest desire and joy to help others do this sacred work of reclaiming joy and creativity through your voice.

Sing Yourself Free

Every human voice is a channel and an instrument -many of us have simply not given ourselves permission to play it. Many people I work with and meet claim that they are “not singers.” You may even be reading this and nodding your head in agreement. Well let me remind you …

Every human being is a singer. Yes, even you!

And every human being deserves to feel the joy and creative expression that comes through uninhibited singing.

Let me remind you again,

It is your Birthright to sing!

Once the channel of the voice feels safe enough to express, it can unlock the power and joy in the body to flow more freely. I would be honored to hold that space of guidance, love, and safety - did I mention play? So that your voice can feel safe enough to open and flow.

It’s time to Sing Yourself Free.